About 2023 Conference

We are looking toward "New Horizons" as we embark upon the planning for the 2023 Annual Conference!

This year's Annual Conference will occur in early June in an effort to get ahead of the Texas heat! Additionally, in an effort to respect our members' desires for a shorter conference, we will provide optional tours and workshops on Monday, June 5th, followed by three session-packed, inspirational conference days Tuesday, June 6th - Thursday, June 8th. This year's conference will not be available virtually, we will return to offering in-person only in an effort to streamline Association resources and planning.

As our nation continues to struggle with polarizing issues and an unstable economy affecting all of us in different ways, the American Public Gardens Association remains focused on how to keep our public horticulture industry resilient and thriving amid such political turmoil. Supporting all of our Member gardens equitably is what we do at the Association no matter where our Members are located across the country or the globe, regardless of the policies and laws of that state or region. We remain committed to hosting the 2023 Annual Conference in Ft. Worth and Dallas, Texas with hundreds of our Member gardens as we highlight and celebrate the wonderful public gardens throughout the state.

The health and safety of Association event attendees is of utmost importance to the Association. The Association will follow the recommended guidelines set by the CDC and the host state, county, and city of any Association event. All attendees are encouraged to mask, wash hands, and maintain good health practices. Attendees who experience COVID-19 symptoms within 24 hours of an event should not attend.

The Association reserves the right to increase or lessen restrictions for any event to protect attendees and to comply with federal, state, or local requirements. By registering for an Association event, you agree to honor and abide by any policy changes. Any health and safety policy changes will be communicated as promptly as possible. 

Image of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

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